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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need prior experience working with video equipment?
Is this a franchise?
Who are my customers for this type of business?
How do I find customers?
Can’t I buy my own DVDProducer equipment?
Are videotapes really going to fade and become unwatchable?
What about training and support?
With the Director Package how do I facilitate videotape transfers for my customers?

Do I need prior experience working with video equipment?

Not at all. Our comprehensive technical training program will provide you with everything you will need to learn how to operate your DVD Producer System©.
Our training approach assures that, upon completion, you will have the confidence as a DVD producer to successfully enter this rapidly growing market.

Is this a franchise?

This is not a franchise. As an independent operator of your own DVD Producer System© there are no ongoing fees or royalties. You keep 100% of what you earn, and you get to run your business as you see fit. But of course we're only a phone call away for continuing support.

Who are my customers for this type of business?

Now that VHS has become obsolete the market for custom DVDs is virtually unlimited. Who would want this service? Whoever has recorded anything on videotape! Some prime customers for DVD services are consumers with tapes to convert, wedding and commercial videographers, advertising agencies, lawyers (for courtroom video applications) and educational institutions. Companies of all sizes can use DVDs for corporate training, sales presentations, video catalogs and brochures, and point of purchase systems. Thousands of Businesses, Museums, Government and Law Enforcement agencies store video tapes with irreplaceable data that is rapidly degrading. Conversion to DVD will preserve this sensitive data as well as enable users to better index, catalog, and interact with the stored data.  

Video Brochures

Product Training

Video Yearbooks

Product Catalogs

Employee Training

Information Kiosks

Special Interest DVDs

Point-of-Sale Displays

Videotape Conversions
Trade Show Demo Disks

Product Demonstrations

Interactive DVD Magazine

Ambient Video and Music

Video Portfolios and Resumes

Corporate Reports and Newsletters

Legal DVDs (Depositions, Courtroom Evidence)

Powerpoint Presentations with full screen video

Consumer Memories (Weddings, Special Events)

How do I find customers?

As part of our training you will be shown how to use all of the professional brochures, ads, and marketing materials that are included with your DVD Producer System©. These materials enable you to quickly get customers to come to you. Think about all those irreplaceable, priceless VHS tapes slowly degrading into virtually unwatchable, scratchy junk!

Can’t I buy my own DVD Producer Equipment?

Of course you can. But has spent years combining the best hardware and software into our proprietary design Digital Media Centers©. As a leader in the industry, offers you years of experience along with total technical support and training.

Included with all DVD Producer System© systems: will pre-test all software and hardware before shipping you your system.
Proprietory design software process that is easy to use.
Comprehensive technical training program.
Complete advertising and marketing materials.
Our supervised startup program, which helps you get your business up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.
Availability of our complete post-production and editing lab to help you when you have a project that is just too big for you to handle alone.
Total R&D and technical support.
Financing available to qualified individuals
Part-time/Full-time...You don't have to leave your full-time job until you're ready.

Are videotapes really going to fade and become unwatchable?

Studies by Sony Corp. show that videotapes will start to severely degrade in less than 10 years. The amount of clarity lost on the video has nothing to do with how many times it is played. Just by sitting on the shelf, gravity will cause the oxides on the videotape to degrade, causing the picture to become fuzzy.

What about training and support?

The key to success in this type of business is the personalized training and support that can provide its business opportunity owners. We can thoroughly train our facility owners in both the technical and marketing aspects of Digital Media so they can spend their time making and selling Digital Products, rather than teaching themselves and trying to figure out what went wrong! Our primary goal is to get our business owners out there making money and establishing long-term relationships with customers. We also provide personal, ongoing support to help our clients quickly solve any problems they may have.

With the Director Package how do I facilitate videotape transfers for my customers?

You will offer all formats of videotape transfers to your customers by outsourcing to our professional labs.

By utilizing our proprietary facilities you will be provided wholesale pricing thereby allowing you a significant profit margin. As your business grows you can always add video transfer equipment.

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